it”s that time of the year where your’ hair is screaming out for some attention! Christmas and New year usually means lots of straightening, coloring and everything else in between to look our best!

So what really combats the frizz factor to give you Loved Up Hair?

Well here’s a secret from my hair care tool box!

First up, when you finishing shampooing in the shower, take a minute to grab a towel and squeeze out all the water. The reason is that when you apply the conditioner, the water creates a barrier, so get rid of as much water as you can. Leave on the conditioner for at least 5 minutes. (Its what your salon does, remember?)

HAIR NATION Recovery Conditioner is ideal, as it contains Collagen and Vitamin E for repair and to soften the hair.

Then, rinse really well and make sure the water isn’t too hot! treat your hair as if it’s a precious gem! Towel dry and finish with 2 drops of HAIR NATION Gold Drops applied to the mid lengths to ends to keep those ends from splitting.

Your ready to go with soft, shiny and nourished hair. Repeat every second day!

HAIR NATION for Loved Up hair!

Recover from the Frizzies!