Are you killing your' hair? Here's why!


Hey Hair Lover,

so many long hair lovers end up in the repair gym for hair. Now while we have you covered with LOVE YOUR ENDS Repair Elixir, we want to explain why and how you can prevent killing your' hair! There are two ways you can take your' hair to the gallows!

1. Over using products

Now you might think this is strange coming from us, but we stand for simplicity and quality when it comes to hair products. One thing we know is this; that using too many products is a recipe for destroying your' hair and too often it's a slow painful process of destruction!

The reality is you really only need 3 good quality products, possibly 4.

  • A good hair cleanser or shampoo

Choose one that's free of sulphate. Sulphate dries the hair out, stripping it of moisture and shine. Opt for a sulphate and paraban free shampoo that is rich in organic and botanical ingredients. If you don't know what most of the ingredients are, chances are it's full of chemicals!

  • A good conditioner that can also double as a mask.

A good botanical conditioner will also be rich in organic or botanical ingredients and be free of sulphates, but also free of silicone. Silicone can create a temporary gloss to the hair and it might even feel silky. The only problem is that after repeated use, the silicone builds up on the hair causing it to become dry and brittle. It also creates a barrier to your' conditioner, so things get even worse!

  • A quality serum

Opt for a hair serum that's free of silicone. (Same deal as what happens with a conditioner that contains silicone) Ensure it's light enough that it doesn't weigh the hair down and apply mainly to your ends. (We happen to know of a good one! It;s called LOVE YOUR ENDS Repair Serum) 

4. A Styling product (If needed)

Sometimes we need that extra hold, especially if you going from straight to curls. However, we recommend avoiding styling products as much as you can but if you do need them, opt for a natural styling product and check what's in it! If you notice your' hair seems dry first wash after using a styling product, the product is most likely the cause.

So far so good,  but what's the second thing you might be doing that's killing your' hair?

2. Heated styling appliances

If you have long hair, you will also be using heated styling devices. But here's the thing. You can limit the amount of use a number of ways. 

  • If you are going to be used a heated straightener or curling device, allow your' hair to dry naturally first. This avoids the double whammy of the blow dryer and your' straightener and curler
  • When you do use your' straightener or curler, ensure that your' hair is completely dry
  • Avoid the first 5 centimetres from the root if you can. Then as this hair grows down it will be in better condition than your' ends and acts as a reminder of exactly what condition your' ends are in and when to back off!

Finally, if you are experiencing dry, frizzy hair and your ends are starting to look stressed, try LOVE YOUR ENDS Repair Elixir! Subscribe and register to unlock your discount code! 

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