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The Dangers of Bleaching Your Hair

Written by on June 2, 2012 in Hair Care - No comments

Changing to a lighter colour may be difficult for those with darker hair. Some people may choose to bleach their hair before dyeing it their desired colour. Some people bleach their hair because they have already dyed it and want to remove that colour. However, bleaching can have serious effects on your hair. First, let us explain how bleaching basically works.

Your natural hair colour depends on the quantity, combination and type of  colour pigments in your hair. Bleach alters the distribution of your natural hair colour pigments. Bleaching does not add any colour to your hair. It usually contains oxidants such as hydrogen peroxide and ammonium peroxide.

How does it damage your hair?

To remove the colour pigments, bleach penetrates the cuticle, raising it and making the hair more porous, which ultimately causes your hair structure to become radically weakened and dehydrated.

By  adding chemicals to your hair after bleaching such as dyeing it a different colour, blow drying and straightening or curling it, you are further damaging your hair. This would result in frequent breakage, brittleness, dullness and split ends.

Another thing to note is that bleach can burn your skin, so it is important not to let it come into contact with your scalp, neck and hands.

Our advice is to avoid bleaching your hair if possible.

Alternatives to bleaching is to use a permanent hair dye that will tint your natural hair pigments with the colour you want, or if you’re looking to remove an existing hair dye colour from your hair, use a bleach and ammonium free hair colour remover.

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