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Hair Straightening

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Why should you have to pay $100+ at the salon for permanent hair straightening? Hair Nation’s Keep it Straight brings the salon to your home. It uses the same underlying technology behind salon treatments and is not a smoothing treatment, but a permanent hair straightening treatment that gives you silky smooth hair for up to 3 months.

The science..
The hair straightening process works by firstly weakening the disulphide bonds between the hair molecules – this phase leaves the hair open to being easily shaped. Hair is then infused with hydrating advanced collagen and keratin protein complex using part B. With the new condition settled deep inside, hair can then be straightened giving silky smooth results. The part C fixing cream re-connects those disulphide bonds creating that permanent ‘straight’ result.

The result…
Silky smooth hair for up to 3 months. Your hydrated hair won’t soak up as much water when wet. This star product will save you battling with blow-drying and struggling with hair straightening, dramatically reducing the time it takes you to get ready.

Keep it Straight has been through stringent testing by the ACCC and is certified formaldehyde free. Hair straightening products used by salons often contain varying amounts of formaldehyde, which is a known carcinogen.

Hair Nation Keep It Straight

*For hair longer than shoulder length, use 2 packs for optimum results
**Do not color your hair for 2 weeks after using keep it straight.

Get beautiful straight hair, for a fraction of the salon price.

Let the revolution begin!

Because you deserve BEAUTIFUL HAIR