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How To Choose The Perfect Red Shade

Written by on June 18, 2013 in News - No comments

Red is a vibrant shade that can make you stand out, but can also make you look washed out or clash with your skin tone. This is why it is important to know how to pick the right shade of red that will compliment your skin tone. Here are a few handy tips we’ve compiled to help you pick the perfect shade of red.

For blondes or those who want a subtle red shade, try a strawberry blonde shade. This works great with pale skin tones as it won’t overpower your colouring. Keep your colour choice on the lighter side. Dark reds will wash out your skin colour, so opt for the subtler reds such as terra-cottas. Light brunettes and dark blondes can add a hint of red that will blend with their natural hair and give a slight but noticeable boost to their hair colour. Remember a little bit of red goes a long way. To ease yourself into the realm of red, try adding red hair colour via highlights. Stick to the warmer shades of red. Deep violet reds won’t work, so choose warmer, softer reds.

Medium skin tones should stick with medium red hair shades. Auburns are a great choice as long as they’re not too dark. Lowlights in a slightly darker and redder shade of your natural color is a great introduction into red. If you’re unsure if red is for you, start slowly with this method. Avoid extremely bright reds such as bright coppers or light orange-reds. A medium reddish brown is likely to compliment your colouring without looking drastic.

Darker and olive skin tones should stick with the cooler red shades. Burgundies and violet-based colors will flatter your skin tones best. Avoid very light reds, such as strawberry blonde and bright auburn. Deep mahogany reds are subtle and a great introduction into red hair shades for your skin tone. For a fun look, try having panels of slightly different reds applied throughout your hair. This dimensional look is eye-catching and far from ordinary for those who like to get noticed.

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