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Hair Colour Remover vs Bleach

Written by on January 16, 2013 in Hair Care - No comments

Ever wondered what the difference was between bleach and hair colour remover? They both lift colour, right? Technically, yes. However, bleach damages your hair and makes it porous because it also lifts your natural hair pigments. Hair Colour Removers only lift dye molecules and not your natural hair pigment.

How does bleach work? Hair bleaching works by oxidizing the melanin molecule and lightens the hair. Bleaching can be done with oxidants such as hydrogen peroxide or an activator. Hair goes through different stages of lightening. It goes from black, to reddish brown, to light orange red, to gold, to yellow and to the palest yellow blonde. When you reach the desired level of lightness, you wash off the bleach, dry your hair and then deposit your selected hair color.

Hair color removers will wash or strip away permanent or non-permanent hair color. However, hair color removal products do not discriminate between artificial and natural hair color.

Hair Nation’s Hair Colour Remover shrinks the hair colour molecules, which can then be easily washed way, therefore removing any previous permanent or semi-permanent hair colour, without affecting your natural hair pigment. Our Hair Colour Remover does not contain any Ammonia , a harsh chemical which can damage your hair.

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